To access your Windows RDP Server from any device, you’ll need to use “Remote Desktop Connection”; for a Mac computer, and you’ll have to download the “Remote Desktop Client” app from Apple’s App Store.

You can pay to buy the best Remote Desktop Connection software from us using your debit card, credit card, PayPal account, Payoneer Paying Card, or Perfect Money.

Yes, you are allowed to transfer files to or from the  RDP server. To do so, enable “Drives Sharing” on your remote desktop connection software.

A key goal of virtual backups is to allow people to offload the complications associated with data storage, such as managing applications and buying tape drives. The biggest driver for disaster recovery is a lower risk- typically for small or mid-sized business mobile users or remote offices. Backups are always available, but many companies get by, and there’s a lot of worries.

We always try to ensure the highest speed possible for 24/7 connectivity. So there is no chance of your internet connection stopping suddenly. On a rare occasion, if this does happen, you can contact our live chat support, and we’ll provide an instant solution.

If you would like to upgrade your account and send a confirmation email, please click on this link.

Once payment and verification are complete, RDP and VPS information will be sent in 10 minutes to 1 hour. Custom configurations for dedicated servers and VPS/RDP can take up to 24 hours.

No matter what your requirements for a residential RDP server are, we can satisfy them. Contact us to order the perfect customizable residential RDP for you, and our team will give their recommendations.

On windows, you will need ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ software to connect to your residential RDP. For Mac, you will need ‘Remote Desktop Client’ which you will find in Mac App Store. You are requested to contact our support team for a detailed connection procedure.

You can use our RDP server for anything you want to do except anything illegal such as spamming, cracking or publishing any abusive content etc.

This form of service is a good deal for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides significant advantages to companies with less than 1000 employees who have traditional backups in their homes, but most of their workforce is remotely connected. So far, it’s been a pleasant surprise to see companies of all sizes adopt this technology. But when you consider the most common reasons

As a VPS customer, you will be given full root access that allows you to install any software compatible with your operating system. Excepted are any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy.

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